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Overwhelm. Cybercrime. Stories. The Commons. Cynicism. Learning. Suffering.


1. “It’s all too much”

If you can’t take in anymore, there’s a reason — Nadia Bolz-Weber — (The Corners — newsletter)

This stuck a chord:

when I check social media it feels like there are voices saying “if you aren’t talking about, doing something about, performatively posting about (fill in the blank) then you…

Rationality. Age. Teaching. Wordle. Selfishness. Attention. Journaling.


1. “The real problem with any commitment to rationality is that most people aren’t.”

Thinking About Negative People — David Gerrold — (Patreon)

I apologize that the full post is locked to Gerrold’s patrons only, but it struck a strong chord with me. More fully:

I have to acknowledge that the real problem with any commitment to…

Pessimism. Trust. Improvement. Time. Zero-Days. Distraction. Boredom.

(Image: public domain via

1. “Pessimists make poor party guests.”

Inventing the Shipwreck — Zachary Loeb — (Real Life Mag)

This essay is an overview of the work of Paul Virilio, a French author who often examined the unexplored risks and downsides of new technologies.

“Every technology produces, provokes, programs a specific accident.”

… there had never been a car…

Death, Friends, Greek, Impermanence, Languishing, Ruts, Social Media


A very Happy New Year! May 2022 see you happy, healthy, and flourishing throughout.

1. “You are the reason TikTok is toxic.”

andydoeshealthy — Andy Miller MS, RD, LD — (TikTok)

I don’t normally grab takeaways from TikTok, but this one’s important, and not just for TikTok — I believe it applies to all social media.

You are…

Open Source. New normal. Lookism. Writing. Omicron. Paradoxes. Swearwords.

1. “a miracle happening every nanosecond”

Guardians of the Internet — Charlie Warzel — (Galaxy Brain newsletter)

This is a very readable overview of just how tenuous the internet is. The subhead is something I’ve said myself: “It’s a miracle things work at all.”

The recent log4j exploit (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it…

Google. Perspective. Ego. Atheism. Mass hysteria. Abortion. Climate change.


1. “Google is great, but it also makes us stupid”

There Is A Small Bone In The Center Of Your Heart — Emily Kingsley — (Medium)

I can’t really say much about this one without really spoiling it, other than to say it’s a wonderful lesson taught by a great teacher.

Either way, it’s not enough to know how to…

Injustice. If Only. Dogs. Email. 50 Ideas. Feelings. Change.

This marks the 52nd issue of 7 TakeAways, and completes its first full year. Thank you for tagging along! I hope it’s been entertaining, but most of all I hope it’s been thought-provoking. I know I’m enjoying it, and the structure it’s forcing me to adhere to.


1. “overwhelming evidence of injustice”

A Jury…

Leo Notenboom

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